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welcome to escape consult website for supplemental evacuation
People should be responsible for their own safety, but the lack of awareness and knowledge about the concept of fire safety is a problem we face. This website focused and sustained awareness drive of Supplemental Evacuation in enhancing fire safety to make people more aware of the fire risks, and how they can get out of danger in the event of a building evacuation.

If there is a fire in your building you want to get everyone out quickly. It is the Management\\\'s responsibility to evacuate ALL people from the building in an emergency before the fire engines arrives. It is NOT the Fire Brigades responsibility to evacuate building users. The fire-fighters will assist in the evacuation if people are still in the building when they arrive.

Fire in an occupied high-rise could mean having to evacuate hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of people in difficult and dangerous conditions. For examples, having to evacuate a building in darkness due to power outage; having to evacuate people on wheelchair if the elevator is not working or if the stairway is not accessible because of smoke and fire. All of these circumstances and more have to be planned for if the building evacuation is to be successful.

This website presents innovative solutions which will help in resolving many of the high-rise building evacuation issues not dictated by local regulations:-

1) How do you empty the total building population of a high-rise in the shortest possible time?

2) How do you get those people with physical disabilities down quickly and with minimum assistance in the absence of lift and elevator for egress?

3) How do you increase the egress capacity of a tall building that is designed for phased evacuation to facilitate simultaneous evacuations?

4) How do you escape from the upper floor when staircases are damaged and not accessible?

5) How do you provide additional emergency exit(s) or increase the size of existing stairways for mass rapid evacuation where it is not possible due to building structure?

6) How do you evacuate building population in darkness when the electricity goes out?

That is where preparedness in pre-planning for Supplemental Evacuation provide the answers! The provision for Supplemental Evacuation in buildings is not a luxury but risks reduction strategy in tackling the perceived difficulties and problems of building evacuation.

We encourage you to take the time to browse through the website and consider how these products can help you in solving your building evacuation problems and needs.

If you are looking for Supplemental Evacuation products that you do not see in this website, or if you would like additional information on which product solution is of most interest to you and if there are questions that we can answer, or a quotation, give us a call or email us. Let us help you fulfil all of your building evacuation safety needs.
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Emerging Issues in High-Rise Building Egress
logo pdf Emerging Issues in High-Rise Building Egress.pdf
Traditional high-rise evacuation strategies that have been incorporated into model codes in the U.S. have been based on defend-in-place and/or partial evacuation and relocation. Based on the assumption that only a limited number of building occupants would be immediately affected by an event, typically a single fire, and that others entering from below will have already moved down, the capacity of vertical means of egress elements, primarily stairs, has been
sized to accommodate the largest occupant load of a single floor of the floors served. Events in the past 15 years where full evacuation of high-rise buildings was deemed necessary, or ...
Self-illuminating Photo Luminescent (Glow-In-The-Dark) Directional Signage Systems
logo pdf GID-article.pdf
After the 1993 bombing tragedy, the WTC building has been fully equipped with the self-illuminating photo luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) directional signage systems that let them to the evacuation routes in total darkness. The 1993 WTC bombing and the 911 terrorists attack has made US realized the importance of photoluminescence (glow-in-the-dark) evacuation systems and safety signage systems. They have since then laid down strict building regulations for all buildings to be prepared for better responses during emergencies (in a power failure or terrorists attack).
Fire Exit Strategy
logo pdf Fire Exit Strategy.pdf
Did you know that only 38% of people register the presence of an emergency exit sign during an evacuation?

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